MSD NGO Leadership development programme 2014 and 2015

Graduation of 30 NGO leaders in December 2014

Following the successful graduation of NGO leaders in 2014, the Ministry of Social Development has renewed this programme for another 30 NGO leaders in 2015.

In February 2014 Leadership Lab launched the NGO Leadership Development programme in Canterbury with 30 leaders and managers from

NGO Leadership Development Programmeacross the social service sector in wider Canterbury.   The programme was initiated by the Ministry of Social Development and was designed by Leadership Lab and is being delivered in partnership between the University of Canterbury – Executive Development Programmes. The programme design is been based on MSD’s Investment in Service for Outcomes ISO Strategy and on a needs analysis undertake with NGO leaders in October 2013.   Over 60 leaders from across a wide range of areas of the social service sector applied for the programme and 30 were selected for the 2014 cohort.

View MSD NGO Leadership Programme 2014 Brochure

Article on Ministry of Social Development website

Focus and objectives

“building collective capacity across the Canterbury NGO sector to re-design and implement collective projects to respond to the emergent community needs and opportunities”

This focus is being addressed through the following objectives;

Programme structure

The structure of the programme is outlined in the road map on the right

Participants and delivery team

The programme is targeted at leaders in Canterbury NGO’s and successful selection for the programme resulted in a 100% scholarship.  Selection requirement for participants were;

  1. Nominate an internal leadership network of 3-4 other leaders from their NGO who would be part of the wider leadership capability focus of the programme (see assessment and additive workshops above).
  2. Have potential for on-going or new projects that involve collaboration with other organisations in their community
  3. Agree to “time bank” 2 days’ worth of their time after graduation to contribute to another NGO.
  4. Are supported (and signed off by their board) who agree to the days required by the participant as well as a nominated amount of extra support to be given to the leaders work with their colleagues in the organisation during and after the programme.

The programme is being delivered by a customised Leadership Lab consultant team including Dr Peter Cammock, Chris Jansen, Tim Pidsley, Anna Russell, Chris Mene, Dr Cheryl Doig, Craig McDowell and Theo Feldbrugg.  Moira Underdown (Regional Manager of Family and Community Services Southern MSD) and Dr Tony Mortensen (University of Canterbury – Executive Development Programmes) have led the project management and liaison for this project.

Developmental evaluation

The programme is being independently evaluated by “The Research Collaborative“.  The developmental nature of this evaluation involves data collection based on the objectives throughout the programme which is synthesised into summative evaluation reporting.  However, the developmental aspect of the evaluation allows data to be linked into the ongoing programme design and delivery through ‘sense making’ sessions between the Research Collaborative, the Leadership Lab delivery team and the Ministry of Social Development.  This ongoing evaluation material will be linked to this post in the near future.       


“As Director of the Executive Development Programmes (EDP) at the University of Canterbury I have been contracting the services of the Leadership Lab for the past 8 months.  In that time I have found the Leadership Lab team to be nothing short of outstanding both from a content and professionalism perspective.  The current joint venture between the Leadership Lab and the EDP in designing and delivering a NGO leadership development for the Ministry of Social Development has been extremely successful and the Leadership Lad have played a lead role in making this contract a great success for all parties. I would strongly recommend the Leadership Lab team for any professional organizational development programme.”

Kind regards,                            

Tony Mortensen, Director of Executive Development Programmes, College of Business and Law, Canterbury University