LinC (Leadership in Communities) Project 2018-2020

LinC (Leadership in Communities) Project 2018-2020

LinC 2018-2020 has taken the best of its programmes of 2015/16 that impacted on almost 100 community leaders and has sought to reach further, grow smarter and become more sustainable. With this in mind LinC now becomes three core components, Cultivator, Incubator and Activator, each with clear objectives and customised support and input to ensure… (read more)

2020 Leaders Programme: Canterbury Health transformation from within

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Leadership Lab undertook the needs analysis and design of a customised leadership network development programme for Canterbury Health called 2020 Leaders in 2013 and 2014.  The 2020 Leaders programme was designed to harness the extensive investment made by CDHB in external leadership development experiences and support senior health leaders to implement and influence throughout the… (read more)

SCIRT (Stronger CHCH infrastructure rebuild team): Intentional leadership in action

Update January 2015 – SCIRT half way celebration video just released! Leadership Lab has been involved with SCIRT over the last 2 years in a range of leadership development roles. SCIRT was created in 2011 to undertake the entire horizontal infrastructure rebuild (roads, storm water, sewerage, drinking water) across the whole of Christchurch, much of which… (read more)

MSD NGO Leadership development programme 2014 and 2015

Following the successful graduation of NGO leaders in 2014, the Ministry of Social Development has renewed this programme for another 30 NGO leaders in 2015. In February 2014 Leadership Lab launched the NGO Leadership Development programme in Canterbury with 30 leaders and managers from across the social service sector in wider Canterbury.   The programme was… (read more)