LinC (Leadership in Communities) Project 2018-2020

LinC (Leadership in Communities) Project 2018-2020

LinC 2018-2020 has taken the best of its programmes of 2015/16 that impacted on almost 100 community leaders and has sought to reach further, grow smarter and become more sustainable. With this in mind LinC now becomes three core components, Cultivator, Incubator and Activator, each with clear objectives and customised support and input to ensure… (read more)

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Weaving collaboration: Exploring new possibilities in Christchurch

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Recently we were invited to speak at the Shirley Papanui Community leadership day hosted by Christchurch City Council. The unique range of grass roots volunteer leaders, NGO leaders and the CCC Strengthening Community staff and Community Board members was brilliant – something rarely seen around the cityIt was a fantastic day, particularly the willingness of… (read more)