Richard Matla

Rich has a long established background and diverse experience in the education sector ranging from extensive classroom teaching experience, to pastoral care and middle management, to school governance and policy writing. His current role is as a trainer, consultant and director of Restorative Schools, which he established in partnership with Greg Jansen in 2007.

This role has seen Rich and Greg work with over 400 primary and secondary schools in New Zealand and deliver training and development work in Singapore, Malaysia and Norway. Through this role Rich has worked with thousands of teachers, students, principals, administrators, youth workers and parent groups. Rich and Greg are sought after conference presenters, for their practical, accessible and progressive approaches.

Rich is the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees at Heathcote Valley Primary School since 2012, a role that has had a focus of enhancing teaching practice and forging strong educational partnerships between school and home.
Rich is passionate and committed to the needs of young people and their development, to the professional growth of teachers and educators and the quality of teaching and learning relationships.