Moira Mallon

Moira is a Leadership Coach based in Christchurch, specialising in delivering high-performance and leadership coaching to organisations and individuals directly involved in the Christchurch Rebuild.

Moira works with managers who are committed to translating their efforts into high-impact leadership. She combines her experience in change management and organisational development to support individuals and teams as they take on bigger challenges.

Moira’s unique approach focuses on high-quality and honest conversations that have an impact on people at work. She understands that, in order to get the best results, she needs to provide a level of service that challenges and supports in equal measure. She delivers these results thanks in no small part to a preternatural level of enthusiasm and dedication to each and every client. Moira graduated with a Bachelors of Communication and has a first class Master’s Degree in Management and Organisation Studies. She is also a certified coach through the International Coaching Community (ICC) and the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Moira absolutely loves the work she does, values the clients she works with and draws inspiration from the energy, creativity and determination that people uncover in the process. Most importantly of all, Moira is delighted and privileged to have the opportunity to support and work with individuals who want to make a significant contribution to their team, their organisation and to the community.