How we work

Leadership lab partners with organisations and networks to create customised learning programmes tailored to develop leaders who create and fine-tune fresh solutions to adaptive pervasive challenges across communities and organisations.

How We WorkProgramme components include;

Design Principles

The following design principles have been collated from extensive international research into effective leadership development and underpin every Leadership Lab design; 

  1. Embed learning in participants context (create a learning programme rather than an event to maximise application of learning and change)
  2. Transfer greater development ownership to the participants (participants orientate the learning programme as a personalised inquiry based on their own setting)
  3. Create a learning community to maximise peer interaction and learning (leaders report that they learn 10% from formal workshops, 20% from peers and mentors and 70% from learning on the job)
  4. Leverage diversity to create cross-pollination of learning and collaboration (develop learning communities with participants from diverse backgrounds, professions, sectors and perspectives)

Content specialties include;