Leveraging collective intelligence

Every organisation we work with is prioritising the ability to adapt, learn, grow and be responsive to new opportunities (and threats) that are part of the ever changing context that they work in.  One of the key ways to develop this learning agility is to foster collective intelligence.  This entailsAccelerate tapping into the expertise of a wide range of people in an organisation rather than the more common hierarchical process of creating strategy at the top management level and then presenting this strategy to the rest of the organisation to then implement.  

Leveraging collective intelligence actually has two significant organisational benefits; 

  1. It allows the organisation to create a wider range of smart ideas (more brains involved) 
  2. The process of doing this also builds engagement of staff since as we have discussed in earlier posts – our commitment and ownership of an initiative is often proportional to how much input we had into the creation of the initiative.