Grow Waitaha: an innovative partnership with MOE and Greater Christchurch schools

MOEThe Leadership Lab consortium has been engaged by the Ministry of Education to partner with 3 other consultancies and Ngai Tahu. This engagement involves customised leadership and strategic planning support for 130 schools across Canterbury as part of the Greater Christchurch Education Renewal Programme.  We are working alongside the extensive building programme across 80% of the education spaces in Greater Christchurch. This unique partnership model involves a collaborative panel (as opposed to competitive panels that are normally procured) where Ngai Tahu, Core Education, Evaluation Associates, Massey University, the Ministry of Education and Leadership Lab work as one team across the whole of Greater Christchurch – allowing expertise and experience from all six groups to be combined and activated into collaborative teams best suited to each school and cluster across Primary and Secondary education in Greater Christchurch.