Navigating adaptive challenges

This presentation below was one of four that Chris Jansen designed for the INTASE Leadership Conference in Singapore April 2014 (the others are available at under “Presentations and Publications”).  

Slide 8 refers to the distinction that is often drawn between technical challenges that can be solved with knowledge and procedures that have been tested, and fine-tuned in another context and imported into this current situation versus adaptive challenges which are far more complex, do not readily respond to direct interventions and require completely new solutions to be created.  Unfortunately our collective track record of successfully and sustainably solving these adaptive challenges is under 30% 


Complexity based leadership: Navigating complex challenges from Chris Jansen

 In this workshop we explored the following 5 questions that a leader of adaptive change could consider (slide 7)

  1. Why are we changing? (Is the opportunity and/or threat worth the risk)
  2. Where are we heading to? (What future vision is guiding us?)
  3. How do we design our change journey? (What underlying design principles could be helpful?)
  4. Who do we collaborate with? (How we engage others on this change journey?)
  5. What steps do we take?  (What would an change leadership action plan look like?)

Road map of change