The LinC (Leadership in communities) Project

Since the earthquakes you have probably been on the ground, giving heaps, helping sustain a group, or groups and now 3 1/2 years on it might not feel the same… you are tired, and yet there’s a long way to go …

You may have launched a start up with some of your mates… You may have embraced opportunities to try new initiatives, to share, support and care for neighbours you may have driven past before…

It’s amazing what the quakes did to give a you a time and place to make a difference…and you may well have been doing it long before 2010 …

Whatever rings true about this, the LinC Project is designed to take you from where you are now by acknowledging where that is and help you and your community to flourish again, to sustain the great things that have meant so much and even more…

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LinC Project Group 2: Applications open now!

Our 2015 LinC Project Group was such a success in sustaining and inspiring our people that we have secured support and funding to launch Group 2 – applications are open to October 23rd and the project starts in December 2015.  

LinC Project Brochure : 2015/16

Download the Group 2 : LinC Project brochure to print here

For Application forms for Community leaders and Government sector leaders click on “Sign me up register” on top right


Download the LinC Project Overview here or click on image



30 places for people who have organised and led things in their geographic community [surburb] or community of interest [ie. sport, culture, arts, start up, social enterprise etc] sometime in the last 3 years...
10 places for staff from government services that work with communities across Greater Christchurch... ie: Councils, MSD, MOE, CDHB, etc...
Important Dates